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Hi there. I am a 38 year old Male from Australia. I am looking to learn more about Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture practices. My family was recently affected by the floods in theĀ  Northern Rivers and have decided to sell up and move to higher ground. It also highlighted many issues with food security, supply chains, disaster response and preparedness, as well as the importance of community, resilience, and honestly, elevation. I have minimal hands on experience in farming except for a few months of pruning Avo trees for a family friend. Previous occupations include bricklayer’s labourer (I also built my own home with my family). Most recently I was working for Queensland Ambulance Service as a Dispatcher. I have had some time off and lived in Berlin for a while. I spent 8 years as a youth worker and still maintain relevant background checks. I would love exposure to any and all of the following: Permaculture Design – looking to do my PDC once I’ve got my hands dirty. High density rotational grazing, Market Gardens, No Till Farming, Composting, breeding animals, food forests, holistic management, natural sequence farming, aquaponics, fermentation and preserving, butchery, earthworks, marketing, leasing land, all of it. Please and thank you. I’m very easy to get a long with. I will ask a billion questions and say sorry way too much.

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I’m looking to get some practical experience on farms. I’m currently not working so I now have time to devote to it. I’ve long been interested in permaculture and farming but more recently I have been had the time to do some decent research and I can now start to see a future in it for me.

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