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Christina Sparrow

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    We are a family of four from the United States traveling around the world on a 12+ month journey. Travel has always been an important component of our marriage. When we met we were living in different time zones, and since settling in San Antonio, Texas, in 2005, we have hardly ever not been planning a trip somewhere, whether it’s an hour up the road to the Texas Hill Country or across the Atlantic Ocean to visit Jay’s family in England.  We have always been drawn to the excitement and perspective that travel gives us. Several years ago we started dreaming about traveling around the world, literally. We talked about selecting countries whose cultures, people, landscapes, and food we’d like to experience.  We talked about venturing slowly so we could take time to learn our way around a local neighborhood, grocery shop and cook at home, frequent local parks and pubs, (or now, with kids, coffee shops), and hopefully stretch our money. Both Jay and Christi are runners, and we love running in new towns and taking the kids on long nature walks. In 2015 our daughter Chloe arrived, and in 2018 our son Camden was born… We could fill dozens of webpages about how awesome our kids are, but for this introduction, suffice it to say, we are crazy proud parents who marvel at our fascinating little humans every day. So that’s us in a nutshell.  Four Sparrows embarking on a family adventure. Professionally, Christi worked in management consulting for 10 years before deciding to pause her consulting work to be home with our kids. Jay built and ran a successful youth soccer club in San Antonio for 12 years. We are documenting and sharing our travels on our website, Check us out– we’d love to hear from you!

    Why I joined WWOOF

    We would love to experience WWOOF-ing for a variety of reasons: 1. We love being outside and being active! We are so blessed to be healthy and to have this time with our kids, and we would love to experience farm work with them. 2. We love learning new skills! Neither of us has much farm experience, and we want to model for our kids that we’re always learning and growing. 3. We look forward to meeting WWOOF hosts and creating lasting family friendships. 4. As a traveling family of four, we are constantly looking for ways to stick to our budget and be smart with our spending. If we can exchange farm work for accommodation and meet locals in the process, that’s a win-win!

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    Christina Sparrow

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    Tourist Visa

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    Jay Sparrow





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    United States

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    Western Australia


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