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I am Sotaro Oka, 26 years old. I have now been in Australia for one year and six month, and I have had some experiences of farm work in Bundaberg for more than one year, example for sweet poteto digging, cutting, sorting, many different fruits picking. I had worked 8 -10 hours every day in farm, and some of it is so hard. I care about coronavirus 19 much, I had been in Bundaberg for long time, and I have never infected it. I don’t usually go to bar, club, and any other like this. I finished working in farm on 27 November 2020, and I started to travel Australia alone with my car. and I have my car, so I can go wherever. If you let me stay in  your place, you don’t need to cook for me. cooking every day is stressful and busy for you, and I wanna choice my food, so you don’t need to cook for me. please sent text to me. I am waiting your mail.

Why I joined WWOOF

I want to enjoy and know Australian’s life. I am interested in Australian nature.  

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