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We are a well established, dynamic couple, who share an amazing connection. We have spent the last decade living a very nomadic lifestyle as we pursued our work guiding guests in an array of adventure pursuits from remote islands of Papua New Guinea to the high Arctic of Norway to the frozen waters of Antarctica. We love the outdoors, the natural world, the wilderness and thrive in all that it has to offer.

We have rarely been in any one place for longer than a few months due to our work but now find ourselves in a slightly different world due to COVID. We are extremely grateful to have ended up back in Ewan’s homeland of Tasmania (Sophie is a farm girl from New Zealand) and with our future uncertain in our past career, we are looking at the world of opportunities that this situation offers us. Part of that is looking to settle for longer than a few months somewhere, tend lovingly to a garden, embrace a local community, and develop a number of projects that we have begun that we hope are part of the global solution rather than just contributing to humanity’s problems. In doing so, Ewan has returned to his former career as a Civil Engineer, but is lucky to be able to both be on a casual contract and to be able to work from home.

Sophie’s is slowly relinquishing her past as a high-level outdoor instructor, educator and guide and is looking to new prospects in which to shine. Recently we began a community garden in Devonport where we have been staying with family, released a movie about our 2-week sea kayak expedition in Antarctica and are exuberant about our latest projects – bringing a zero-plastic bathroom product to market and developing a package of learning through wilderness expeditions for schools. That is a brief synopsis of us. We’d love to chat further!

Why I joined WWOOF

As nomads who typically seek solitude in nature, we are dreading the thought of renting a house in a suburban area and joining the hum-drum, rat-race world. Instead, we want to live differently, live in more harmony with nature and thus have decided to reach out to the WWOOFer network for such opportunities. We feel that the people here who host and volunteer are “our type of people” and thus we will connect well.

We are not “typical” WWOOFer’s (if there even is such a thing!) but we think we share the qualities of such. We are looking for a living situation beyond a few days and weeks (more like months), where we can lend a hand, be part of growing food and living sustainably, offer our skills and talents to people who value them and live harmoniously with nature. We perhaps cannot offer our toil day in and day out like many WWOOF’ers, but don’t come seeking handouts or freebies either.

We want to establish a genuine, open and honest relationship with a host who is open to dialogue around an agreement that works for everyone.

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