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Hello, my name is Yukari and I am 25 years old. I was born in a beautiful city called Oaxaca in Mexico, and just graduated from Graphic Design studies in a wonderful city in Japan, Kyoto.  I am interested in the infinite possibilities of the Art World and it communication.  My approach is more into Visual Arts, like books, paper collages and photography. But I am open to play with anything that appears on the way. Curious about experimenting from everything. I am always inspired by Nature, it sensibility and surprises. It is truly the source of my creative process. I also really like to meet, share ideas and dance with people. Mixing languages and having the feeling of connexion with the World.

Why I joined WWOOF

Simply because I want to learn about permaculture and organic farms. During my experience in Kyoto, I made friends who shared me ideas about sustainability and ecology. And surrounded by people who likes cooking, I discovered the importance of the good ingredients. The idea of sow a seed, harvest and cook, happens to be the same act as the creative process for making an art work or design. And at this point to my life, I want to challenge myself, experience it on a real field. In direct contact with Nature in Australia. Looking forward to discoveries, meet people, and put my little seed for a better future for the Planet Earth.

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Sofia Yukari Miyashita

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