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    I’m a retired elementary-school teacher from Taiwan. I love gardening and farming with the organic and eco-friendly in attitude because I care about the environment and the creatures. My personality is calm, quiet, open-minded and hard-working. I like to take challenge and learn something new to me. Travelling is one of my hobbies, I’ve been to some European countries,  Spain is my favorite. I did the pilgrimage to Camino de Santiago twice, I really enjoy hiking and outdoor activities.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    Why I join WWOOF is because I’ll take a trip to Australia with my niece(aged 15) in late June and July. We’d like to experience the authentic Australian farming life in the farm while we travelling around there. Though, we are not  professional farmers, however, we do have our own farm and been doing some farming work with the basic knowledge and real experience in agriculture. We can provide  workforce as well as culture-sharing.

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    Li, shu-chien

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