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Hi! Nice to meet you! My name is Katie, and I wonder about alot of things! I’ve taken a year long sabbatical from my life back in Canada to visit my partner’s family and explore Australia. I have lived in many different parts of Canada, and love to learn different ways of living and stewardship of land. The last ten years I’ve mainly been working in health care full time, where my work focuses on quality improvement: teaching workshops (in person and online), conducting research and evaluation – specifically in the field of trauma, substance use and addictions.

I am really looking forward to having a long break and some time to reflect, learn new things and explore this incredible country. I have also worked as a canoe guide, marriage Celebrant and community event organizer (with Pecha Kucha!).

I love cooking, harvesting and preparing food (dehydrating meals and snacks, pickling and fermenting, canning…), pruning trees, looking after chickens, hosting dinner parties (not during covid obviously!), learning about my garden and meeting new people.

Outside of work, I spend as much time as I can up in the mountains, trail running, hiking or ski touring, or out on the lakes and rivers of the Kootenays, paddling, swimming and exploring. I also love foraging for mushrooms, and hunting for hotsprings.

My partner and I have surfboards along on our Australian trip, so I also might have mine along in tow! Back in Canada I have a little 120 year old house, in a small mountain town called Nelson, with a porch that looks at the lake, three chickens, plum trees, a raspberry and potato patch and a big garden, which my friends like to call my urban homestead.

I love meeting new people, but when I’m on my own I spend alot of time reading, writing, listening to podcasts and music, running and doing yoga. I’m also learning how to play ukulele and paint (watercolours).

**I am travelling in Australia with my partner, but I will be WWOOFing on my own. ***

Also I am happy to abide by any COVID standards/comfort levels you and your home have! I was double Pfizer vaccinated in Canada before leaving and generally we will be fairly self-isolated as we camp along the way. I also have a full solo camping set-up if you ever prefer that I camp outside.

Why I joined WWOOF

My partner works full time as a journalist and 4×4 adventurer (@theroadchoseme), I’m travelling with him over the next year, however since he will have lots of small solo projects, I want to take advantage to have some adventures on my own too!

I have always been very passionate about farming and permaculture, and this seems like a great opportunity for me to learn and make some new friends in Australia along the way. I think that volunteering is a wonderful way to really get to know a place, and I am excited to learn and connect as much as I can during our travels.

I’ve always dreamt of doing some WWOOFing sometime in my life, and this feels like the first chance where I’ve really had the time and circumstances that allow it 🙂

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