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Sebastian M Mohr

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I’m a Chilean, living in Australia since June 2019. I grew up in the south of Chile, in my family Farm. In a landscape similar to New Zealand. My father is an Angus breeder in a beautiful place in the lakes region. I studied Agricultural technicians and some diplomas in organic agriculture. I used to have a chicken tractor on the farm, but after 6 months I realize that I need more experience. That way, I decided to come to Australia, to learn about permaculture, organic agriculture and most of all regenerative agriculture. 4 years ago I did the Regragians course with Darren Doherty and I loved the way they afront the climate crisis, using the animals and the farm for the planet. On another hand, I connect with the work of Jean-Martin Fortier and the new way to do bio intense agriculture. At the moment, I’m living and studying on the sunshine coast, so I have a student visa until October 2021. I live in Alexandra Headlands, enjoying the surf and the beach. I have been working in construction for a while but after a beautiful experience at the Woodford festival, I decided to push harder in my main goal here in Australia, work with nature.

Why I joined WWOOF

The first time that I heard about WWOOF, was in Chile like 8 years ago and I couldn´t believed that such an amazing network is helping people all over the world. I Join the WWOOF community to have more contact in the agriculture field, to be in touch with the earth and the people and to know how different is the agriculture in Australia than Chile. But also, I am looking for a job in this field, so maybe this is the way to show my self to the community. I have been looking for work in agriculture since I arrived, but it is hard to connect with farmers. The only option that I found was Gumtree and I haven´t found a job in organic agriculture there. I hope this Network could help me in this purpose. I know some farmers in Chile, who works with WWOOF and they told great stories and experience about this system.

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Sebastian M Mohr

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