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Scott: 34 y/o uncle, husband, community gardener, home-cook, fermenter and cyclist. Professional background high-school teaching and disability support. PDC completion with Purple Pear Farm. Love to serve Permaculture projects with a particular enjoyment in food systems, agroforesty, animal husbandry and soil regeneration.

Lanelle: 33 y/o high school Visual Arts teacher looking to experience the many different permaculture ways of living, doing and being. Some of my relevant skills and interests are in zone zero organisation and decluttering, professional photography, cooking and food preparation, as well as looking after children and domestic creatures.

We will be travelling by bicycle with our two very-small toy poodle dogs who are non-shedding.

Why I joined WWOOF

To connect with people and projects grounded in the ethics of People Care, Earth Care and Fair Share.

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Scott and Lanelle

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Scott McGrevy and Lanelle Lee Chin

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Aust/NZ Citizen



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