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I am from Japan and will graduate university next month (March,2022). My major is international studies. I am interested in agriculture (especially permaculture) and environmental issues because I would like to protect an environment and it is important for me that animals (including humans) and plants help each other. Also, some matters about food which is related to environmental problems intrigue me.

When I was in university, I held an event that student sold vegan foods with chefs in my uni and tried to spread charms of vegan foods. It succeeded and was a precious memory in my university life.

I love vegetables and animals. I have a thing for stuffed animals and I have collected them. I have worked at organic and Vegan food restaurants when I was a student. Since some foreign people visit the cafe, I have enjoyed talking with them in English. My hobbies are cooking, doing exercises, knitting, seeing new people and vegan cafe-hop. I would like to make a connection between people and people or people and nature in the future through my work. My goal is becoming a person which have an influence on people.

Why I joined WWOOF

I want to study agriculture and live with some animals. I am thinking I hope I can work with farmers in the future so I think I need to know the way how to grow vegetables and farmer’s exertions. Generally, many people eat foods which is already grown and cooked. However, I consider that it is paramount for us to comprehend the process of growing and who make foods. if they realized the process, they would feel connection between consumers and producers (farmers). Moreover, they would appreciate foods. especially, I would like to learn the way of growing vegetables which has good impacts of environment and animals.

Through joining WWOOF, I hope I can get knowledge to grow vegetables by myself and learn the process of them. Also, I want to acquire communication skills with animals and English skills too. Although I have agricultural experiences, I am a little worried about my life in farms. But, I am excited I can see farmers and WWOOFers as well!Nice to meet you.

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