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Sarvenazalsadat Hashemi

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I am sarvenaz, you can call me Sarv. I am 29 years old Iranian girl, used to work as a GP in my country and waiting for my registration process in Australia to start my job here. I am open to new experiences and involving in australian culture specialy dance, music and food. Im interested in farming and love all kind of animals. I need few hours each evening or night to play my own music instrument and work on my voice as well as think about my dreamy future and decide about the rest of my life. Im easygoing, funny, a bit shy with no specefic diet or allergy.

Why I joined WWOOF

I have 4 months to do what ever I want till my registration process completed, so I decided to do a manual job as I have never had a chance to do that and I think Im not ganna do that later. So its my time to join a farm and have close contact with australian people and nature.

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