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    I’m a 23 year old backpacker from Germany. I’m communicative, independent and a reliable person with a smile. I love to be in the nature, do Yoga and Pilates or Meditation. In Germany I worked as a personal trainer (body-mind connection). Currently I study Life coaching online and travel around Australia. My grandparents had a farm when I was younger and I helped them a lot. I’m a quick learner and open for new things.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    I’d love to learn more about farming and gardening. A friend of mine recommended WWOOF to me and I thought it could be a good chance to learn more, interact with local people and be in the nature. I want to see how live can be in Australia in different ways. I’m sure I will learn a lot for my future. I like the concept of getting in contact with local people, help them and learn more about they way of living. I think every person you meet can give you something to think about.

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    Sarah Djamila Benzarti

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