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I am happiest when I potter in the garden, engrossed in vege patch, planting trees, and seeing life around me flourish. I love to collaborate with others who share this passion, and feel that through life there is always opportunity to learn and share. I am learning pottery, try to draw, paint and sew, and enjoy catching the beautiful light in photos.  Look forward to meeting you.

Why I joined WWOOF

I am interested to gain greater understanding of how to live in harmony with our lands, to respect the natural balance, resilience and growth.

I am recently returning to Australia and hope to visit and assist at many of the WWOOF properties. I am happy to get involved in various areas of gardens and farms, with bees and trees, to work with my hands and to continue to learn from others. In Malawi, where I lived for five years, I managed the set up of a community run garden, involving building the soil fertility to grow vegetables in sandy soil, mushroom production, fruit and hardwood tree nurseries and poultry farming.

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