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Sara Lane

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I am an outdoor adventurer and lover of the arts. I will just as happily scale a cliff or sleep under the stars as attend a ballet or an exhibition opening. I am loyal, creative, reliable, diligent, active, trustworthy, honest, intellectual and independent. A lawyer by trade, after 7 years in the profession I have taken a gap year to have a break and spend some time on skills that I have been wanting to develop but have not been able to find time to do. On the cards for this year are practicing yoga and meditation, learning violin, Spanish and better rope skills for climbing and other forms of adventuring, hiking, doing some drawing and writing and finding out more about permaculture! Mountaineering and backpacking were also on the cards up until March, but they are looking increasingly unlikely to be able to happen this year…

Why I joined WWOOF

For quite some time I have wanted to learn more about permaculture, organic food growing practices, and different forms of sustainable and communal living in the hope that I will be able to someday put some of these principles into practice when I find somewhere to set down roots. Until now, due to work and study commitments, I have only really had spare time to do some reading about these things. I now have some time so I would really love the opportunity to be able to come and help you out with labour, and in return learn some of these skills!

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Sara Lane



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