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Sam Macauley

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About Me

Personal Bio

I love to connect with people and I’m very interested in learning how others live, especially in regional Australia, and what’s important to them. I am curious by nature and want to gain new work experiences and build new hands-on skills.

Community is something I also would love to get in touch with more. I come from Canberra originally and am on hiatus after working in consulting and IT (not the technical stuff). I love the outdoors, I am fit and able and enjoy physical work. People often let me know that I’m easy going and easy to get along with. Being more mature, I can work independently or with others and I understand the value of work. I have done gardening work in the past growing up and for family. I’ve also really enjoyed helping out a friend with landscaping, levelling and laying turf in the recent past.

Despite being from IT I’m not stuck to my phone or devices and I actively seek to connect with people, nature and the earth. In my spare time I have a regular practice of yoga and meditation, I enjoy bushwalking, surfing (beginner!) and reading. I have been doing pottery for the past couple of months and really enjoy it.

I am open-minded, hard-working, and care about my impact on this planet. I love to share time with family who live in Sydney, in Dalmeny on the South Coast and in Capertee NSW. I travel around the world as often as I can and I have many memories of backpacking wonderful places such as Asia and India. I am registered for Working With Vulnerable People in the ACT.

Diet-wise, I’m easy going and don’t have any special requirements, although at home I really value eating as well as I can, including eating organic produce and lots of vegetables. Tbh, I still love eating comfort foods sometimes (burger and fries has to be my favourite!).

I have my own transport, don’t smoke and don’t often drink.

Why I joined WWOOF

I’ve joined WWOOF because I want to meet people who live a life I aspire to live. I’m really captured about connecting with the earth and its people and I believe gaining new experiences with WWOOF would be a great way to do that. I am really curious about all aspects of sustainability and organic farming practices as well as commercial and non-organic farming. Also, I’d love to see the results of my efforts. From my line of work it’s a bit sad not seeing hard work amount to much from a computer screen.

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