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Hello! I am Sameer. I am in my 30s and from the UK of Indian ethnicity. I am a hospital nurse here in the UK, and am taking 9 months career break from work, to go travelling primarily in Australia. In Australia my plan is to do lots of wwoof’ing and also lots of rock climbing which is a hobby that has taken a top spot in life over the last years. I am honest, friendly, respectful and easy going. I am well-travelled and have spent a good amount of time in the USA, Canada, South Korea, India, Colombia, Equador and a shorter amount of time in many other countries. I feel passionately about wwoof’ing and have wwoof’ed in the past in farms run by individuals, families, and also large communities.

Why I joined WWOOF

I randomly came across wwoof’ing when I was travelling in USA in 2007 and had some great experiences working on farms there. Not only did I find it a great way to travel, but it was great to work on the land, learn new things, and meet my wwoof hosts. I followed on from this experience by wwoof’ing in UK, at a few farms here and found this too very rewarding. I feel working on land or with animals is a great way to have a healthy balanced lifestyle, and I want to have this as part of my life in the long term. Sadly, over the last several years I have not had time for wwoof’ing. However in this upcoming Australia trip I am hoping to do lots of wwoof’ing which is why I have joined wwoof Australia. I look forward to learning loads and meeting hosts.

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