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Hello 🙂

My name is Rut and I’m from Paraguay, South America. I arrived in Melbourne four months ago and I’m thriving about the possibility of new opportunities. I came to study English and learn more about how to live more sustainably.

I’d worked as a fashion and event photographer for 5 years. That was a good experience but in the last 2 years, I felt the need to search for new ways of a real collaboration on this planet.

I took a cooking course in Argentina (Crudo Clases), where I learnt not only about food, also about the impact we generate with our daily choices about what we eat. This opened my eyes. With such a small act as buying from local shops, we contribute with local farmers and we make a political, economic, social and environmental statement. Also, healthy food gives people an optimum functioning brain and body.

I’m looking forward to exploring permaculture and finding out more about how to contribute to health and the environment in a sustainable way. I’m keen to help you with whatever is required. I like people, I’m a bubbly person and a fast learner. I’m looking for new ways to challenge my abilities and also, learn everything I can from others.

Big hug!

Why I joined WWOOF

I keen on learning everything that encompasses living a sustainable life for the environment and personal health. Also, I want to improve my English, making good friends and knowing the Australian culture.

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