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Hello my name is Reece, I’m 23 and I live on the Sunshine Coast! I’m a very passionate person who has a love for music (I can play a few instruments) & Marital arts. (Mainly Muay Thai but many others).

I’ve also recently spent several years in Canada snowboarding & travelling & while I was over there I loved to start conversations with strangers as you can learn a lot from others by just learning. Learning is something that I have not stopped since high school and learning how to be self sufficient is one of my biggest ongoing endeavours.

My jobs have been varied throughout the years from working in restaurants to warehousing so I believe I have a wide set of skills and will try and assist you in any way I can.

Why I joined WWOOF

My interest in Permaculture & biodiversity in farming started several years ago through YouTube & listening to podcasts. I was introduced to WWOOFF by a French couple that I bought my van off while I was travelling around Canada.

I loved the idea and have been thinking about the prospect of volunteering for sometime now & cannot wait to learn more about farming & practices we can use to help create biodiversity in the soil to replenish the earth.

I have done many jobs before which required physical labour, problem solving skills & I never shy away from a challenge. I look forward to discussing an opportunity with whoever would like to host me!

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Reece Paludetto

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