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Originally from Adelaide I have spent the past 10+ years travelling the world 🌎 I’ve had some incredible experiences working all around in remarkable environments, surrounded by inspiring humans! Since COVID struck I’ve been exploring the homeland, searching for somewhere to call home! I’m somewhat of a jack of all trades, master of none, sorta dude 😅 my background is Festival work, building stages/infrastructure and various installations, so pretty good on the tools 🛠 I’m passionate about building stuff! Also keen to collaborate and get on some sick projects!

Upcoming materials is definitely a win! On my travels I’ve work on farms, assisting with general maintenance, livestock, gardens and pretty much everything else you can do to get your hands dirty! I’m a frother for nature, wildlife and pretty much anything to do with the outdoors. I’m an aspiring photographer, so I spend majority of my time wandering around the wild hanging out with animals. If there’s waves, I’ll be in there, if there’s a mountain, I’ll climb it, if there’s bikes, I’ll ride em! Super active and super stoked on doing fun things.

My mind is a big ol’ sponge that froths on everything. And super froth on learning. I’ve been pretty mad on the whole agroforestry train so I’m pretty keen to develop my skills and knowledge in that direction to eventually one day do my own thing somewhere magnificent!!

Pretty much as good as it gets via interwebs! I froth, I’m good at getting others to froth. If there’s food, I’ll eat it. If there’s animals, I’ll vet the shit out em! Especially doggos! I’m sorta the dog whisperer y’all never heard of 😅🐕 Looking forward to building some cool relationships and learning some cool wizard shit to achieve some serious greatness!

Why I joined WWOOF

I’m looking for some cool sustainable projects and farms to build and refine skills! I want to build my own food forest with bees and I feel this would be a great place to meet like minded humans!

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