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Hey all 🙂  I am Rob from east germany and 29 years young. 🙂 Even though this is a partnership account but i am travelling alone at the moment.


I was working as a packaging mechanic for 5 years. After i quit my job 2017 i started travelling and i have been to many different parts of the world. I’ve lived in central America for 1 year which was a big contrast to my life is was living back home in germany.

Last year my idea of how i would like to live my life became more clear when i lived in New Zealand for 1 year. I did volunteering on a small island where all the people were living off the grid. My goal for the future is to live off the grid as well. Therefore I want to learn more skills in every aspect of what a sustainable life entails. Recycling, permaculture, natural building, simply everything that benefits us humans and nature. 🙂


In my spare time i like to be outside and do things around the garden. I enjoy doing walks or doing other activities like cycling or surfing. i also like to cook or make bread, i like to read and to talk to people 🙂 …but i am also just good being with myself and dont talk much to others. always depends on my surrounding. i would say I’m pretty good at adapting to my surroundings.


Please feel free to ask me anything you like to know about me.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Kindest, Rob:)



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Robert Hille

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