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    My name is Rebecka, I am 20 years old and I am from Sweden. I graduated 2018 from upper secondary school and after that I worked full time as a personal assistant. I prefer to spend my spare time with family and friends, including my boyfriend of two years. I have a great interest for photography, role-playing and all other forms of theater. I do a lot of voluntary work concerning giving children and young adults the possibility to perform different art forms. One part of this is designing different websites and keeping in contact with a lot of different people.

    I am a calm and structured person. I love to work with different kinds of people and being of some help or assistance, something I have good use for at my earlier working place. The last couple of months in Sweden I lived with my boyfriend and our two cats (who I miss very much). I plan to travel and discover Australia as much as possible during my one year here (I’m here on a Working Holiday Visa).

    Me and my family have always traveled a lot during my whole childhood. Everything from Central America to most of Europe. I love to travel, and for that I thank my family. Being able to discover new cultures and meet all kinds of different people makes me a better human being and I can create a more advanced understanding of the world.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    I have always loved being outdoors, and have a big love and respect for animals (so one of my biggest frustrations is that my mum is allergic to fur…). I think that becoming a WWOOfer gives me the perfect opportunity to meet the true people of Australia and a break from my travels. At the same time I get to learn about new things and a different way to live than I am used to.

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