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Alaa and I are both in out early 20s. were both studying Civil Engineering, and Alaa is studying business management as well. We’re easy going, always eager to learn new things, and are extremely creative and always love to include art and creativity into activities.

I (Rae) grew up on a herb nursery/ hobby farm and have horticulture and permaculture knowledge, I’m an artist, managing my one business and I’m involved in Scouts, I’m always searching for the next adventure.

Alaa, although quite new to farming, has always jumped at the opportunity to learn new things and get involved in projects at my parents farm, he has he’s own business in tutoring and loves exploring.

We’re ready for our next adventure!!

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To us, WWOOFing is about not only learning new things and becoming more connected with the world around us, but creating connections with people and finding out what life has to offer. We want to be able to be creative and grow along the way!

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