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Pip Arnold

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Personal Bio

We are a couple travelling Australia looking to gain knowledge and inspiration from people who work with the land in diverse ways.

Pip, Row and our five lovely housemates planted and managed a huge winter crop in our suburban back yard earlier in the year (2020). Communal meals lunch and dinner, beer and wine brewed, and bread baked to top it off!

Pip has been running a small scale market garden (Strettle Street Market Garden) in Melbourne for the past two growing seasons , growing and delivering weekly organic veggie boxes to the community. Pip has done two internships at organic farms – Peace Farm and Days walk Farm. Pip completed a permaculture design course and is especially interested in learning more about bio-dynamics, beekeeping and native food foraging. Pip has had experience working in a school with children for the past two years running classes in various areas such as craft, art, gardening, and science. In her spare time Pip enjoys making ceramics, writing, dancing and walking in the bush.

Row grew up on properties in the Riverina (Pooginook Merino Stud and Bibbaringa), based on holistic management and regenerative agricultural practices. Row has worked on many farms and communities – from commercial tree planting in NT to wwolfing through Latin America. After spending years following curiosities in the photography and art worlds, Row’s focus has returned towards alternative ways of living and working with the land. In his spare time Row likes to play guitar, walk, read and draw – currently his focus is creating live generative visuals for lighting and projections!

Whilst travelling and exploring Australia, we are both currently working on artistic projects. We work best in the mornings and ideally have time after lunch for our personal projects.

We are enthusiastic, passionate and curious about what people are creating on their properties, as we hope to one day create something of our own!

Why I joined WWOOF

We hope to gain knowledge and inspiration from people who work with the land in diverse ways.

We want to go outside our fields of knowledge and see what is happening out in the big wide world of farming and alternative living.

We hope to one day start a project of our own and we believe that this is a step towards those dreams.

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