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Since 2011 I have volunteered across the world in Wales Scotland Russia and many places in Australia including Lammis Eco village in Wales, Yandoit Farm in Victoria, Leela Valley farm in Myocum, Jahlanbah Permaculture Institute and Community, Turntable Falls and most recently and currently over the last two years at SunForest Farm in McLeods Shoot near St Helena.

I work in garden maintenance, landscaping and garden regeneration with people with disabilities both young and elders in the Byron, Lismore and Ballina Shires. My partner and I are currently looking for somewhere to share our skills part-time whilst continuing to work in the shire.

Ideally we’d love to live around the Mullumbimby area and would love to meet more hosts, both WWOOFing and not, interested in accommodating longer-term WWOOFers, we would love to hear from you. Both of us have countless references, are dependable, kind, hard working and creative.

Why I joined WWOOF

We joined in 2011 whilst travelling through the Scottish Highlands and Pembrokeshire in Wales and found it to be a very rewarding and enriching way to learn generally and about ourselves.

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Paul Rees

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Aust/NZ Citizen



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English Tanya Australian sign language also

Skills I would like to learn

Permaculture/Biodynamics, Syntropic farming


Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free


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