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I’m Pauli, 26 years old and from Germany. My mother was born in Tasmania and came to Germany as a small child. I would be happy to get to know Australia, its nature and the locals and to help you as if it were my own home.

To be honest I’m not a real handyman, but I would very much like to learn it and get involved.

My father makes wine in his free time and I help him with it, so I’m also really interested in this topic, too.

I have no problem with dirt and love animals (especially dogs and pigs) and I am always ready for good food (vegetarian/vegan), a cup of coffee or some wine 😉

Unfortunately I have a cat allergy – if you have cats in the house (especially in the dorm), please let me know.



Why I joined WWOOF

In my eyes sustainable living is the future and of course affects farm work. I don’t belive in factory farming and the plundering of land and animals and I am very interested in the implementation of organic farming in Australia.

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