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    We are a Belgian couple travelling Australia. We like healthy and organic food. We love being, living and working outdoors. As kids we both used to help our parents in the garden and taking care of the chickens.

    Mathijs works as an engineer and is an athlete. He loves gardening and to grow his own vegetables and fruits.

    Paulien is a (pastry) chef and loves cooking with fresh picked vegetables and fruits. Therefore she likes taking care of the plants.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    We want to meet locals and explore the farm life while we are doing useful work. We are supportive for local and organic farmers, so WWOOFing fits us perfectly!

    Another reason is that we don’t only want to see the city life an touristic side of Australia but we love to experience the family and farm life as well. We are looking forward to meet new people and gain lots of new experiences.

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