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Lisa & Brad Palmer

Host Profile

    My Property

    Property Name

    Penguin Hideaway Farmlet

    Farming methods


    Business Type

    Hobby Farm

    Short Property Description

    1.5Ha Hobby Farmlet based on Permaculture, Natural Gardening, Garden Farming & Regenerative Practices. We are also registered with Australian Miniature Goats and are in our first year of breeding. We are passionate advocates for resilient living.

    Full Property Description

    We have a view of creating a sanctuary for our family and local community as we head towards energy decent. We are energised in creating a new story based on interbeing which we hope will slowly replace the outdated model of separation and competition that we are all somewhat conditioned by.

    We now see evidence all around us where this old story is no longer serving humanity and we must try something new and different which may in fact be the way of life our ancestors thrived in.

    We meet the challenge of finding this balance every day and we celebrate big on each of our small victories.

    We have multiple zones on our property; bushland, sloped paddocks, a water easement, multiple yards & established stone courtyard gardens. We have established a 4-acre permaculture design currently being implemented thanks to previous helpers. You guys keep our energy and motivation fueled between visits!

    We are open for helpers between September and May, closing over Winter. We are a 2min drive from the town centre or a 15-20min walk. Penguin has supermarkets, green grocer, cafes, bakery, butcher, pub, art gallery and Sunday market. We are also situated magically between the Dial Range and Bass Strait so you can either climb mountains or swim in the ocean in your down time.

    We have commenced breeding miniature goats and keep them on a cell rotation in front paddocks. We also maintain an orchard and edible garden courtyards. We have loose plans to implement a flower garden for bee forage on our property and have a few building projects on the go which include retrofitting an old pottery barn as a sustainable tiny home.

    We have some problem areas of gorse and periwinkle to control over time and there are many other small projects we need help with but above all, we would really enjoy company with like-minded people in making our farmlet dream a reality!

    Organic/Biological methods we use

    Special Conditions

    If you have a good work ethic and sense of humour by day and want to relax and talk ‘new story’ by night, we’ll have a great time together!

    During your stay we provide you with a private room separate to the homestead and you will be able to share the homestead shower & toilet with us at any time. We also host an Airbnb cabin onsite which over Summer the property is buzzing with people coming and going.

    We strictly do not accept smoking on our property and this extends to all visiting guests both from Airbnb and WWOOF so please do not ask to stay with us if you intend to smoke during your visit.

    We have 3 happy, respectful & friendly daughters, ages 14 to 19, who are all quite independent with their activities and have been raised practicing resilient living.

    The other members of our family are two cheeky beagles, a motley crew of chooks, a serious ram and his lady friend, our herd of eleven curious and playful miniature goats with more kids due this Spring and a hive of bees!

    Every sentient being is treasured on our property and you will be too 🙂

    Guidelines for WWOOF Hosts offering Remote Work and Study Placements

    Hosts must:

    • Provide a private and quiet space for WWOOFers to use to study or work in their free time.
    • Provide access to reliable Internet (unrestricted or unlimited if possible).
    • Have mobile phone access or opportunities for Wi-Fi calling access via Internet.
    • Negotiate flexible WWOOFing times that will facilitate the study or work schedule of their WWOOFers in their free time.
    • Keep the lines of communication open to discuss any issues that may arise with scheduled online meetings, classes or lectures and arrange WWOOFing around these scheduled times.

    WWOOFers will:

    • Communicate prior to arranging a placement with a Host to ensure the Host understands the requirements of their course or work arrangements and agree on how this can be facilitated.
    • Be prepared to negotiate their WWOOFing schedules to fit in with their Hosts needs and arrange their study/work times to fit their free time to the best of their ability, being sure to arrange with the host for any specific scheduled lecture/class/meeting times.
    • Ensure they keep their work/study space clean and tidy.
    • Ensure they make the agreed time available to spend volunteering as well as. helping with meal preparation and or clean up.
    • Keep the lines of communication open and discuss any issues that may arise with scheduled online meetings, classes or lectures and arrange their WWOOFing times around these scheduled times.

    Skills WWOOFers can learn here

    Organic practices & techniques, Biodynamic practices & techniques, Permaculture design practices & techniques, Gardening, Composting, Soil conservation, Propagating, Mulching, Pruning, Beekeeping, Animal care, Poultry care, Sheep/goats/cattle care, Using & caring for tools, Fencing, Building, Handyman, Fermenting foods, Preserving & processing food, Bread making, Marketing produce

    Courses and Events

    You are welcome to join Brad in the dojo for adult classes with Penguin Budo and learn some basic Aikido and self defense drills during your stay.

    My Details

    The Stay

    Can Accommodate

    2 WWOOFers

    Preferred length of Stay

    2-3 days, 3-7 days, 1-2 weeks


    In Our Home, Separate Building, Caravan, Tent, BYO Accommodation

    Other options

    Non-Smoking, No Children, No Pets please

    Meal Procedures

    Eat together, Eat separately, Share most meals, Share cooking, Food provided, cook your own

    Languages spoken

    English, very basic Japanese (Brad & daughter), very basic Korean (daughter)

    Diets we cater for

    Mixed meals, some meat, some vegetarian, BYO Special diet foods please

    Why I became a WWOOF Host

    We relocated from Western Australia to be able to farm and realised very quickly how much help is required in the Spring/Summer period. As we are learning, we want to share the experience with others who are like-minded. We are generous by nature and love any opportunity to be part of the gift economy which is why WWOOF Australia suits us very well. We hope visitors who come stay get to experience our dream, way of life and leave inspired to achieve this in their own country or perhaps if local, they may consider future possibilities pursuing a more resilient life.

    Work and Study Remotely here

    Work and Study Remotely here by arrangement



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