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I am a 4th-grade university student in Japan. I grew up in a city in Shizuoka Prefecture, where I can see Mt. Fuji from my house! I am currently living in Tokyo, and I major in environmental studies.
I am especially interested in sustainable lifestyle and education. My hobby is walking, cooking (using wild grasses and vegetables from local farmers), handmaking (learning knitting and sawing), and so forth.
I love playing outside, and my friends say I am like a child because I am highly motivated to doing any thing with curiosity.

Why I joined WWOOF

The main purpose of joining WWOOF is to have practical experience of a sustainable lifestyle. I have learned about permaculture, organic farming and such “sustainable” concepts at my university. However, I have not actually tried such lives in a certain period of time. Thus, I would like to practically experience permaculture and deepen my thoughts on sustainable lifestyles through WWOOFing,

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Chigusa Horiuchi

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