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 I’m studying   especially in English in my university. I like sports so I am confident with my physical strength. My hobby is watching movies,  talking with my friends, playing sports, traveling, eating and exploring new things. I would like to go many different places, know various cultures or customs. In the future, I want to work in foreign country. I would like to experience various things.

Why I joined WWOOF

The reason why I joined  is I like trying to new things and want to experience in farm or garden. I belong students organization for volunteering in Laos. Last summer I went toLaos. I learned various things    there. I want to learn volunteering more, improve my English communication skills and experience culture which is different from Japan. I work with doing my best. I have a psysical strength. Because I had played softball for five years. I really like playing with children.Please accept me.

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Ayane Oki

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Tourist Visa



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Japanese, English


All food


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