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    Hobby Farm

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    The property is situated in the lush rainforest up in Far North Queensland Australia. It backs onto world heritage and has an almost untouched pristine waterway 40 minutes into the jungle with a waterfall. The property has 35 year old beautiful old exotic fruit orchard growing in it with all sorts or different fruits, epic plants, and gardens. A lot of the fruits you may have never heard the names of before! The fruit orchid was established by an old man who doesn’t have enough energy to keep things alive and going. So I’m (Nirvana) putting the call out there for some fresh energy to come up into this place and we save these trees from the invasive plants and other issues which is slowly killing them. The man didn’t know anything about the study of permaculture when he started but you would definitely say now it is a permaculture property and beyond! It is amazing here and people are always blown away by the oldest jungle in the world, the food forest here and the wild life. There is beautiful creeks around the area and we are 35mins from the ocean and community markets. The property is very over grown and needs a lot of work. We are keen to have conscious minded beings here who love to work with plants, save trees and are hard workers for a good cause.

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    3 WWOOFers

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    Whatever suits


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    Smoking allowed, No Smoking Inside, Children allowed by arrangement

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    Food provided, cook your own

    Languages spoken

    English and Spanish

    Diets we cater for

    All diets catered for (mixed meals)

    Why I became a WWOOF Host

    I am in my twenties and have been travelling the world for the past few years to many different countries and cultures. This is my base here and where I want to put my energy and focus to build a life. But I realise that I am needing some assistance to get it back on track so it’s flourishing again like it once was. I am passionate about working on the land, and I live in a beautiful place with lots to offer. So I thought why not reach out to see if anyone else wants to come and work and experience the life here. I also want to regenerate the exotic fruit forest because some of these trees are irreplaceable and it’s a real rare gem in this world.



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