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I am a dual citizen of Australia and the US, 29 years old, based in Melbourne typically but currently traveling around NSW and staying with family in Sydney.

I have worked for environmental NGOs and always been interested in organic farming, off-grid living. Now I am not working and looking for an opportunity to learn more.

I like to be active and outside and can contribute a few hours a day to work around the farm but would also like to explore the surrounding area, cook, hike, try to surf, read, play guitar etc.

I have travelled abroad a lot and speak French, English, and some Spanish. Very easygoing and get along with pretty much everyone as long as they’re a nice human.

Why I joined WWOOF

I am looking to learn a bit more about farming and spend some time outdoors. I have mostly lived in cities but love getting my hands dirty.

Eventually I hope to live somewhere where I can grow a significant portion of my own food, but am just looking for some introductory stays to get exposure for now.

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Aust/NZ Citizen



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US – Australian Dual citizen


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