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Hi there.

About me?

After some years living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, I’m looking for a new start.

I’ve worked as an awareness coach, music teacher, English teacher, retail, and in the world of finance in the distant past.  I’m feeling a complete life change now and want to get onto the land, conscious community, music, fun and align with natural rythms / cycles and food production, self sufficiency.  I would love to learn some new skills and meet new people.

I have an appreciation of organic food production and several years growing my own garden, but will be happy to learn more.

I am a keen student of consciousness and human nature and  have a meditative approach to life. I’m a self-starter and can work easily alone or as part of a team. I enjoy connecting with nature and natural food production. I don’t have a lot of understanding or experience in the areas of organic/Permaculture/seen tropics however I am keen to learn.  Interested in learning new skills in all areas.

I can play several musical instruments and usually have some with me when I travel.

Enjoy a good healthy vegetarian food, verging on vegan but I’m not precious about it. I believe in a holistic approach to life in all areas.

Looking forward to meeting new people and opening to new experiences.

Blessings Troy

Why I joined WWOOF

Looking to spread my wings and leaving my long-term home on the Sunshine Coast to new horizons. Looking to connect into community, self-sufficiency, organic food production etc. I’d love to meet new people, new experiences and see what life is calling from me now.

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Troy Chapman

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