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Neil Simpson

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About Me

Personal Bio

I’m a journalist/writer who moved to Australia from London at the very start of 2020. Covid-19 upturned all of my plans and after being stuck in Melbourne’s lockdown for 5 months, I discovered that woofing in East Gippsland was my way out.

I spent three months in East Gippsland and now I’m in northwest Tasmania. I plan to spend the rest of 2021 seeing as much of Australia as possible. I enjoy the woofing work I have done so far and I’m a keen learner and a hard worker. The only thing I need is a bit of space for a few hours each weekday to write, as well as (ideally) one day at the weekend. Don’t worry, I’m also sociable and really want to see new places whenever I can, so I’m trying my best to strike a balance between reading, writing, and experiencing Australia.

Why I joined WWOOF

I initially joined so that I could leave Melbourne’s Covid-19 lockdown and work towards a second working holiday visa. But since then, I have discovered that woofing as an ethos and a way of life aligns very closely with many of my interests.

Australia is at the forefront of multiple environmental issues that will eventually impact the lives of all of us, so I think the education that woofing can provide is invaluable – not to mention fascinating.

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