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Nathan James

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I grew up on an organic vineyard and citrus orchard in South Australia and this is where my interest in organics/ permaculture/ biodynamics began.

I did a traineeship at the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide and learnt lots about plants/ horticulture/ formal gardening. I then did some diplomas in Horticulture, Conservation Land Management and Environmental Management.

I no longer work in the horticulture/ environmental field, but enjoy spending spare time ‘getting my hands in the dirt’.

My other passions include exercise (Swimming, bike riding, hiking, surfing and anything that gets the blood pumping), nature, sunshine, meeting new people, music, yoga, cooking, eating healthy food and composting! I am into that whole ‘my body is a temple thing‘!

Why I joined WWOOF

I joined WWOOF to travel, meet new people, get some ideas for my own dream garden/ property and to have some life experiences.

I have travelled lots over seas (Asia, India, Europe, Africa, Middle East) and that was amazing, but I am keen to see what my own country has to offer.

I am starting to think about settling down and would like to get some ideas about my own home/ garden/ property. I am not really sure where I want to settle down yet, so I am keen to travel around and maybe find a corner of Australia that I really connect with.

I also really enjoy exploring new environments and am looking forward to discovering some hidden gems around Australia (I have my mountain bike and surf board with me!).

I am happy to do anything as long as there is plenty of fresh air and sunshine. I like the idea of WWOOFing because being into organic gardening already tells me I will probably meet some like minded people who are on a similar wavelength, which I am looking forward to.

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Nathan James

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