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I grew up in the country (gippsland), currently live in Melbourne (past 23 years), but am in the process of transitioning back to the country as I want to experience living in the country as an adult!

I currently work part time in tertiary education admin and part time in senior home care, but began my working life as a florist.

I love hands on hard work, helping, listening to all sorts of music, the ballet, bushwalking and beautiful landcapes, and have an appreciation for beauty and all things growing! I am a kind, quiet, but playful person, bit of a kid at heart, with a positive can do attitude.

Why I joined WWOOF

I’ve some long service leave coming up and I wondered if this might be a fun way of giving me a taste of country life before i make the transition back to the country.

I also spent the last 6 years looking after a house with a rather large back yard/garden, which opened up a love of gardening/getting ‘hands dirty’ in the outdoors and somewhere along the way I came across WWOOFing and immediately thought ‘I think that is something I’d like to do/experience/try’.

I learn really well via watching and hands on learning, and after ‘having a go’ in the garden over the past 6 years, I reckon WWOOFing would really help me to learn first hand from and alongside passionate people.

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Natalie Brough

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