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Hey ! I go by “Nas” in general, I’m a 26 years old Bartender from Paris ! I decided to move to Australia for a bit of an adventure, hoped to be working behind bars and making cocktails at some point … Anyway, I figured working with nature and/or animals would do me some good, as it constitutes good memories of my childhood in Tunisia ! I’m outgoing, very social, tough to beat and a hard worker. I’ve been through a lot of challenges to get myself across the globe. To be honest I dont have a lot of hobbies, sometimes I write poetry, the rest of the time I spend daydreaming or hanging out with people.

Why I joined WWOOF

I’m joining WWOOF to have a first-hand experience in ecological and organic growing. As someone who’s working hospitality and hope to have his own venue, I think it’s very important to learn how to work sustainable food production. I’d also like to learn some DIY, building fences and such would be a nice introduction. I’m really all about experiencing and transfering skills into other domains.

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Nassim Boussaid

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