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Hello! My name is Naia and I am a university student from America, currently studying in Canberra for the year. I am studying Global Studies, and am interested in sustainable development and policy for countries. At my home university, I work in our World Language Resource Center, facilitating conversation groups for uni students studying German. I absolutely love birds, and have had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer for the World Center for Birds of Prey as a conservation educator. Australia seems like absolute heaven for bird and nature lovers! I also enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing. I am an outgoing person, and really like having a good discussion. I also enjoy listening and learning new things! While I don’t have experience with farming or gardening, I am very keen to learn new skills, and help out in anyway I can.

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I chose to join WWOOF because I wanted to do something useful with my exchange time in Australia. WWOOF provides an unbeatable opportunity to learn skills and create experiences that I would not be able to do in my home community. Furthermore, due to my interest in Global Studies and sustainable country development, I am eager to learn how these ideas truly come to life on organic farms.

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Naia L Robinson

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