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    hello, I am an italian language student. my mother tongue is german, I grew up in the north of italy and then went to austria for college. my special field is translation studies. I finished my bachelors degree shortly before comig to australia. I will continue studying after my trip.

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    I joined WWOOF because I think it’s a good opportunity to get in touch with locals and travellers. I am keen to improve my language and horse skills so I am looking forward to  working with horses as much as possible. but I am open to work at any other farm that seems to be interesting.

    I would like to deepen my general knowledge about horses (feeding, breeding, health, training …) and am super motivated to do any tipe of work connected with horses (groundwork in general, lunging, parelli, …) and of course I would like to improve my riding skills.

    I am planning on going to a hoofcare school after my masters degree in translation studies so I’d love to learn everything on this subject.

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