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Hello, i’m a 25 years old belgian girl. I just graduated from law school and needed a bit of a break before jumping into active life.

I arrived in Australia in February, i’m currently an au pair/nany in Peregian spring (sunshine coast).

I’m a country side girl, my parents had a little farm with a horse, a few cows, chicken, bunnies, sometimes pigs and sheep. We also always tried to have a good vegetable garden and made our own juice with our big orchard.

Which is why i’m an outdoor person i hike every week. I’m also an animal lover since i’ve been surrounded by them since i was a baby.

I’m environmentally conscious thanks to my parents. I specialized in environmental law and human rights. I’ve been trying to spread awareness of the environment for a good 10 years, it started at boarding school when i insisted on having recycling bins.

My thesis was about the impact that multinational company monopoly have on agriculture and particularly on the seed issue.

Why I joined WWOOF

I discovered the principle of Woofing when i was on a holiday with my family in France. The place where we stayed was an organic and self sufficient farm and had around 10 woofers. I loved the concept.

My dad is currently working on a project involving being self sufficient and teaching this way of life to others people. That’s one of the reason i want to learn more about permaculture.

My goal is to have my own vegetable garden and be as self sufficient as possible in the future.

I would like to meet people that have the same interest as me for the environment and the same respect for the earth.

I’m a really passionate and hard working person. I’m aware that this is not easy work but i’m highly motivated.

Thank you for reading me and don’t hesitate to contact me.

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