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I’m in my 60s & want to travel within Australia for possibly the next 10 years. In my van. I will also have with me an on road registered motorbike that can go off-road. A Honda Monkey 125. Hence my Username: MonkeyGirl1. I’m happy to go everywhere and anywhere that my van or bike will go. I currently live in Qld, but I’ve lived in Victoria and WA, also Overseas. I have worked as a Social Worker and Paralegal. Also had a Retro Clothes Shop and an Art Handcraft Gallery. I’ve done lots of other jobs during my lifetime. I was born on a cane farm that had lots of different animals – horses, cows, sheep, goats, dogs, chickens, ducks. I have volunteered with Riding for Disabled, I can ride well including muster. I’ve also milked cows in a commercial dairy. I’ve also helped a Wildlife Carer. I enjoy travelling, the gypsy life, meeting new people. I’m sociable although not an extrovert. I like reading non-fiction and writing. Bushwalking. I’m a vegetarian.

Why I joined WWOOF

I want to be useful and productive and not destroy the Planet. WWOOF is a perfect place for me to volunteer. To get back to my philosophy of “small is beautiful” lifestyle and community. I want to visit scenic, different locations where I’ve never been. Where WWOOF Hosts will have interesting and sustainable projects. Variety is the spice of (my) life. Whilst I’m not skilled in a lot of the farming techniques that WWOOF Hosts will be using, I’m happy to learn. I’m not afraid of hard work or long hours. I’m average strength and fitness. I spent a few weeks in Central Otago farming country in New Zealand in June 2021 helping my friend on her property. Acting as her clayton’s WWOOFer. Loved it. But I’d already decided I wanted to go WWOOFing in Australia long before I went to NZ. It’s been an aim for many years. Just a matter now of getting the van and bike on the road. Seize all opportunities that arise. While at same time helping hardworking, conscious people realise their own sustainable, small carbon footprint lifestyle.

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