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Hey there, I’m Mona, an 18-year old from Austria who has taken her A-levels in May 2019 and before starting university I want to travel the world especially explore Australia and New Zealand. Meeting new people, getting in contact with locals, being part of the everyday life, seeing new places and doing some work are some of the main intentions for this journey. Besides travelling I’m really into dancing: in school dance was one of my classes and I also did my A-levels in dance, in the summer holidays I worked as a dancing instructor and I am thinking of continuing my training after this gap year and becoming a professional. Cooking, art and being outdoors are also some of the activities I’m really interested in. Other than that, I love organising and planning, no matter if it is a celebration or a trip around the world. But concerning work and accommodation I’m very flexible and I adapt very easily to new surroundings, I’m also very open-minded and reliable. I think Wwoofing would be a great opportunity to combine all those things that I’m passionate about and I’m very curious. I am really looking forward to staying at your place and helping out.

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Since I was 15 I have always wanted to go on a bigger trip and combine travelling with working because I think that this is the best way to get to know an other country and to gain some work experience in different areas. I just love being outdoors, working with animals or doing some work in the garden or on the fields. This probably also was caused by a summer job that I did when I was 16 years old: I worked at a holiday camp on a farm where I prepared lunch for the kids, worked in the stable and taught the kids about the vegetables that grow in the garden. This was a lot of fun and I realized that this nature related work gives me a lot of joy. The ecological and organic approach to this working exchange also is a main factor why I’m interested in Wwoofing because I’m trying to live a minimalist life with less impact on the environment and therefore I’m very interested to learn more about eco-friendly living and growing food.

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Mona-Carola Rechberger

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