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Hello, l’m Miyuki from Japan.
I have been learning English for a few years to go to Australia and enjoy WWOOFing !! Even though there is much to improve, I have been working on my English hard, and now I can easily hold daily conversations.

I have some working experiences as a nutritionist and a chef at a nursery school and restaurant in Japan.  I love to cook and entertain people, which makes me feel happy.

Currently, I’m WWOOFing and traveling in Japan to learn about organic lifestyle or new skills.

I love all kinds of food and I’m interested in cuisine from around the world, so I’d love to try to  grow crops, cook and eat with people from around the world.

I hope to help your beautiful garden and learn how to live with organic farm.

I would be glad to meet you.

Thank you.

Why I joined WWOOF

The reason why I joined WWOOF is that when I worked at a nursery school, I realized and was embarrassed that I didn’t know how to grow food and producers passion in teaching children food education.

Also,I’ll take action that make the world  kinder to the earth, animals and people.I am still inexperienced, so I’d like to learn about sustainable lifestyles and ways of thinking to put into practice it in the future.

l think WWOOF is a great way to learn these things.
In addition, I’m interested in culture, lifestyle or work style of different countries, so I’d like to have an opportunity to stay with multicultural people and encounter a new set of values through experience of  WWOOF.

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