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    We (Mirella and Jas) are thrilled about the possibility of working on a farm in Australia, being immersed in Australian nature and getting to know hosts and possibly other WWOOFers. We are both classical pianists living in the USA who love a wide array of music and art. We just graduated from college, both having studied piano and liberal arts.

    Mirella: I grew up living halfway in Australia and half in the US since my dad is Australian. I was incredibly lucky to spend time in Sydney and Oberon, NSW every year so Australia is my second home. As an only child, I spent much of my childhood wandering around in the surrounding nature of where I lived in Sydney and Blue Mountains. My family inherited an old sheep farm in the Blue Mountains—I loved exploring the old corrugated iron farm infrastructure and the massive eucalyptus trees. I have been studying English literature in college and wrote my senior thesis about Australian poetry which captures the rough beauty of Aussie plants in harsh climates. I am eager to get back to Australia and hear the sound magpies again. I also attended a school called the Mountain School during high school, which has its students run a self sufficient farm; I was really fascinated by this experience and have always wanted to get back to farming since. I am so excited to explore Australia with Jas, who is a wonderful, generous, talented person!

    Jas: I have spent my whole life living on the East Coast of the U.S., in New York City, specifically. However, my parents are both immigrants to the U.S., with my father being from the island of Grenada and my mother being Australian and Cuban. Her father was born in Toowoomba and I grew up hearing stories of his childhood and experiences in Southern Queensland. When my mother had just graduated from college (like me), she spent a month traveling throughout Australia and visiting her relatives, an experience that she describes as life-changing. Although I have not yet been to Australia, I have been eager to visit for many years. I spent a lot of my childhood camping and in nature. We would often spend time on farms when traveling. At home, I am the proud parent of five cats and an Irish Wolfhound/Labrador. Mirella has shared a lot about her experience living in Australia when she was younger, including the incredible nature, culture, and climate, and I am very excited to have an opportunity to share this experience with her.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    We would love to the chance to spend time enjoying a beautiful natural place and learn from hosts who are eager to share their knowledge. We are especially interested in staying with hosts who work closely with volunteers and are eager to get to know and learn from their WWOOFers as well.

    Some things we are interested in learning more about from hosts are small scale farming, animal care, cooking, how things are related in local ecosystems, indigenous culture, music/art.

    We are also drawn to spending time in Australia due to our shared heritages and are looking forward to having the opportunity to get to know more about our cultural background and the place where our parents are from.

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    Mirella Gruesser-Smith

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