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I’m a 23-year-old gal from inner-city Melbs. After seeing a friend’s backyard organic market garden in the burbs of Melbourne, I fell in love with growing. Also especially after experiencing the awesome satisfaction of pulling a carrot out of the ground! I spend most of my time in the garden or in my friend’s gardens, having a cuppa or digging around. I’m a big bike fiend and am slowly saving up to go bike touring across Australia, WWOOFing as I go, with my partner (who’s also a viben gardener) But that’s a couple of years away until I’ve finished my degree in literature! I also loooooove a good book (and a book club to read with). I’ve done some work in publishing and editing over the last couple of years too, so super enjoy sharing and reading writing, it’s an awesome way to get the creative vibes going. But for now I’m pretty happy working outside than inside at a desk, so I’ve put publishing n editing aside for the mo 🙂

Why I joined WWOOF

I’m a novice grower in inner-city Melbs, and after being confined to my backyard over lockdown it’s given me heaps of time to learn and experiment throughout the last year n a bit. At the same time, I’m pretty over my backyard! I’ve seen some market gardens over the last couple of years run by friends in the city, and it’s been incredible! But I’m keen to learn sustainable, organic growing practices on a larger scale than just my lil veg patch out back or a backyard market garden 🙂 I love the amazing communities that pop up around a garden too, growing food really connects people and I’m keen to meet more people in these communities 🙂

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