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My name is Millie. I am from Adelaide. I love the state and would like to expand on my knowledge of what exists in my home town. I live between the City and Kangarilla. I am a yoga teacher, I teach yin and vinyasa styles. I am also trained in pre/post natal but am not currently teaching that style. I also work front of house in a restaurant. I am a self motivated individual who seeks out the opportunity to learn new things. I am commencing studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine this year in order to become an Acupuncturist to complement my yoga teaching. I enjoy being outside, the beach, bushwalks, riding my bike, running. I prefer to connect with people face to face and enjoy the adventure that each day brings. At this moment in time, I do not have an active garden so I would like to get my hands involved in someone else’s. The environments I expose myself to and surround myself in are important and I make conscious choices about that, along with what I put into and on my body.

I have just moved to a 4 acre property I share with my family and would like to gain skills to assist in my goal of being as self sufficient as possible. This year I plan to build my fruit, flower and vegie garden, create a home compost system, introduce bees and plant fruit trees and around the space I live in.

We have rainwater at home so I am aware of the preciousness of it! We have chooks, 2 sheep and 2 alpacas along with a cat.

Why I joined WWOOF

I was first introduced to the concept of WWOOF over 10 years ago when I used to host couch surfers. From that day I have wanted to get involved and now I am finally making that happen! I am all for energy exchanges/trades. I have been an active participate in the Couch Surfing community both in Australia and Overseas and would now like to immerse myself in the world of WWOOF. I would like to increase my skills/knowledge/be exposed to new things and get involved in the life that is around me/break up my week when I have space to enable it!

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