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Hi! We’re Michael and Nicole, appreciators of the little things; seekers of adventure; lovers of all things artisan and the journey of learning their craft.

We met some years ago rock climbing and as our understanding of each other grows so does the strength of the bond between our opposite personalities.

Michael is the analytical, voice of reason, bearer of ingenuity and monumental stature. Nicole is the wild, envoy of empathy, gifted with a careful eye and adaptable hand. With our powers combined we wield astute ability and willing effort.

Why I joined WWOOF

We have a vision for our future, one in harmony with the environment. We’d like to be self sufficient; grow abundant produce; care for a family of animals; create tasty food; and share all this with those around us.

We like to learn and the skills we’ll need to learn are innumerable. We would like to help others in this process to learn from those with like minds and more developed talents.

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