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I’m Michelle, I’m a 23 year old Canadian travelling through Australia on a working holiday visa. I’m a very outgoing person and I love anything where I get to talk to new people and be outside. I love hiking, canoeing and camping as well as going to stand-up comedy shows. I’m quite adventurous and almost never say no to anything and I can also make really great scones.

Why I joined WWOOF

WWOOF sound like a wonderful opportunity for me to be able to learn some new skills and meet new people while exploring Australia and hopefully getting to extend to a second year working holiday visa. I think I would do well working on an organic farm because I have experience around both plants and animals. I have a large garden back home where we grow fruits vegetables and herbs, and I’ve also spent time working in a green house. I also used to ride horses and spent years working on farms and taking care of them (feeding, mucking out stalls, etc.) as well as riding and training. I’m a hard worker and a quick learner and I enjoy anything where I get to move around and be outdoors. I also would love the opportunity to be able to help the planet by working on and supporting organic farming, so that we can decrease the amount of harmful chemicals affecting the globe.

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Michelle Golen

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