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Hello, I’m just a wee permie/ artist gumnut wanting to go on an epic journey of exploring more of the Aussie landscape and learning from those who are imbedded in it..

I have spent the last few years between the Northern rivers of NSW and parts of Victoria, studying Permaculture (PDC, cert3 + cert4) and working on different permie properties.

Between that I am, making art, volunteering, gardening and looking after beautiful kiddos doing Nannying gigs. Prior to that I was based in between Melbourne and Geelong doing a Bach of Fine Art, making art, working at an olive horticultural nursery and also looking after kiddos.

I love anything creative and making things with my hands, I looooove working hard and doing the big jobs but also the slow and steady work. I have a passion for food and cooking and when I do start talking (I’m generally pretty quiet and mellow.. I love to listen to other peoples stories and ask questions) I will ramble your ear off about plants, food, music from the past, art and well yeh art and nature…. that’s me in a pile of compost pretty much.

I love to laugh and dance and wiggle, and I love to sit and meditate and be, I love to explore and walk and run and I love to sit and sketch and see…and I like to compose words sometimes too 🙂

Why I joined WWOOF

I want to continue exploring the Aussie scape, to invest time into properties and people who share similar values and ways of being.

I want to continue to learn about different systems and place and give back what it is that I can from the knowledge and skill that I have developed over the past wee while.

This platform is a way of doing and finding all this, a meeting point of my world and the world of others…which really we all share.

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