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I live in South Korea and born in South Korea My name is Lee Jin Gwang before 12years ago when I was 17 years old visited Australia for 4months with my mom we visited 4 WWOOF Host farm before.

Many years have passed and times have changed, but I want to visit Australia again and start the WWOOF program. I know it’s hard because of COVID-19, but I miss the memory of going to Australia and I’m going to try it again with my mother.

And now recently, while working at a Korean cattle ranch for two years, I learned and worked on feeding and raising cows in the ranch facility maintenance and environmental management ranch.

For the next two years, I worked at another company while learning not only environmental management such as gardening and weed pulling, but also tree pruning and facility management. Animal-related work is not common in Korea, so I want to experience animal management-related work in Australia again.

Why I joined WWOOF

Since I was young, I have been interested in raising animals and managing crops, and I like to communicate with foreigners and make memories. Not only can I experience foreign cultures, but I also want to spend my vacation in a cool way.

All the Australian memories and photos that I took about 12 years ago have been erased. Not necessarily for this reason, but after that, I have been missing those memories and I want to learn hard at a local farm in a foreign country and communicate actively with foreigners.

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