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Hellooo, My name’s Mel. I’m half English/Turkish, and moved to Australia a year and a half ago. I immediately fell in love with Australia’s wildlife – especially the trees and birds!!

Prior to moving to Australia I was a Paramedic in the UK. Since moving to Aus I have been based in Sydney and have decided to follow my dreams of becoming an artist. I have been creating artwork ever since, all inspired by the beautiful Australian wildlife.

Iā€™m taking some time over the next few months to travel and explore this beautiful country. A

bit about me… I begin most of my days with a bit of exercise and mediation. I love to swim, play volleyball, paint, catch some sun, bushwalk, and also chill out, have a drink and a good ol’ natter.

I cherish meeting new people and forming meaningful connections.

Why I joined WWOOF

A close family friend recommended this organisation and it resonates so much with me and my character. I love travelling and seeing new places, but I find it so much more fulfilling if I can also give back / contribute in some way, and learn new skills or knowledge in the process.

This for me adds so much meaning + value to a trip. I am passionate about nature and the environment, I’m a hard worker, and have an easy going personality. I feel most at home when i’m surrounded by trees and birds! So many things in WWOOF seem very much in tune with my values, and I’m really looking forward to getting involved šŸ™‚

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